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CompEat provides businesses with a powerful tool for enhancing and measuring their Facebook performance and marketing campaigns thanks to data-driven insights.

Our performance measuring tool allows you to compare your Facebook marketing efforts and results with those of your competitors, allowing you to make meaningful changes to your campaigns to keep them ahead of your competitors’.




CompEat measures performance and provides your business with insights and data into the marketing efforts and performance of your Facebook campaigns, and draws a direct comparison with those of your competitors. Compare insights about trends in your Facebook posts with those of your competitors to find out which of them get the highest levels of engagement.

Measure and Compare factors like design elements, content and strategies that boost the performance of your Facebook campaigns and keep your audience, and those of your competitors, engaged. With a click of a button, CompEat provides you with detailed metrics on the following:

Frequency & Quality of Facebook Posts

Compare the activity of and effectiveness of your Facebook campaigns with those of your competitors to gauge how well your campaign is being conducted. These insights compare amounts and quality of daily posts, their consistency, relevance and links.

Engagement Metrics

Identify elements in your posts that encourage greater audience interaction with comparative measurements for engagement per post, the rate of engagement for your overall campaign, and how posts are shared.

Facebook Audience

Compare your Facebook audience with that of your competitors by finding out who is behind the likes, comments and shares for each post. Who are they? How do they behave? Which posts are they interacting with the most, and why?

How CompEat can

Benefit Your Business

With all this data-driven information at your fingertips, you will be able to make meaningful and result-driven decisions that enhance and streamline every aspect of your Facebook campaigns.

Facebook marketing has become an important and effective form of digital marketing that builds brand loyalty and drives customers to your business.

CompEat allows you to take advantage of everything Facebook marketing has to offer to put your brand in front of your competitors in a way that is informed and actionable.

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